YC920B Surface DTH Drilling Rig
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YC920B surface DTH drilling rig is based on KY125 surface DTH drilling rig with innovatively designed traveling part, guide, drill boom, and complete machine arrangement

Technical Parameters of YC920B Surface DTH Drilling Rig

Model YC920B
Rock Range f=6-20
Drilling Diameter mm 90-115
Standard Drilling Diameter 105
Drill depth m 25
Traveling speed km/h 2
Grade ability 30°
Ground clearance mm 290
Total power KW 58
Diesel engine YC4D80-T20(Emission 2)
Air consumption  m3/min 9-16
Working pressure bar 7-18
Dimensions (L × W × H))mm 4400× 2200× 2050
Weight  Kg                   4200
Gyrator Speed  r/min 0-107
Rotary torque  N*m 1400
Maximum push pull N 15000
Carriage Elevation angle 145°
Carriage pendulum Angle Right 45°Left 100 °
Drill boom pendulum Angle Right 45°Left 44 °
Drill boom demotion Angle Up 25°Down 50°
Frame leveling Angle -
Propulsion length 3000
Compensation Length mm 900
Hammer  930
Rod Φ64×3000 mm
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