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KG940A surface DTH drilling rig is based on KY140A surface DTH drilling rig with innovatively designed traveling part, guide, drill boom, and complete machine arrangement. It mainly has the following characteristics:

1, It is equipped with domestically well-known Yuchai YC4D80(Emission 2) diesel engine with strong power and reliable performance.

2, It using the better trolley travelling mechanism and the circular boom, novel structure, convenient adjustment, expands the range of drilling,It can drill the hole low level.

3,Low gravity center,high ground clearance,It can travel on the rough terrains.Special wheel motor drive, strong climbing ability, low failure rate,Advanced automatic balancing and braking system make the dill can travel stability,driving safety.Prevent to take off the chain set is improve the properties of dirll.It can travel without compessor.

4,Powerful feeding and rotating system,New slewing mechanism is composed of cycloid hydraulic motor and the planetary gear reducer, provides a powerful torque, reduce the rate of drill,High power hydraulic motor drive feed mechanism can produce 20 kn lifting force, to adjustregulating valve for the best propulsion

5, It is equipped with plastic plate to reduce wear of the guide rail.

Technical Parameters of KG940A Surface DTH Drilling Rig

Model KG940A
Rock Range f=6-20
Drilling Diameter mm 105-165
Standard Drilling Diameter 115
Drill depth m 25
Traveling speed km/h 2
Grade ability 30°
Ground clearance mm 320
Total power KW 58
Diesel engine YC4D80-T20(Emission 2)
Air consumption  m3/min 12-24
Working pressure bar 10-24
Dimensions (L × W × H))mm 5400 × 2330 × 2020
Weight  Kg                   6500
Gyrator Speed  r/min 0-100
Rotary torque  N*m 2800
Maximum push pull N 22000
Carriage Elevation angle 180°
Carriage pendulum Angle Right 50°Left 95 °
Drill arm pendulum Angle Right 45°Left 45 °
Drill arm demotion Angle Up 45°Down 25°
Frame leveling Angle Up 10°Down10°
Propulsion length 3000
Compensation Length mm 1200
Hammer  45A
Rod Φ76×3000 mm
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